Natural Healing Remedies for Acne Removal

What is Acne?


Acne is a skin condition that tends to affect those in their adolescence years due to the side effects from the surges of the hormones.  Symptoms of the condition includes pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.  These occur when the pores of the skin became clogged and causes inflamed and non-inflamed lesions.


Basic Skin Care


First and foremost, the most basic thing to do is of course to ensure basic skin care.   Keep your skin clean.

Only use mild soap or an astringent cleansing product specially made for oily skin.  However do not over-scrub your face as it could cause the sebaceous glands to be stimulated causing more oil to be produced.  Instead of solving the acne problem, this could worsen the condition.


Makeup and Acne


For ladies, beware that makeup is one contributing factor for acne outbreaks especially if oil based makeup is used.  So avoid them and use non-oil base makeup instead. Make sure your makeup is rinsed off thoroughly using mild soap to avoid acne problems.


Nutrition and Acne


When trying to beat acne, it is not only skin hygiene that is important.  Good nutrition is equally important.

  • Reduce salt intake as high salt intake can cause acne flare-ups

  • Avoid iodine.  Iodine can be found in common table salt, shellfish and spices

  • Eliminate sweets.  Avoid foods that contain a lot of white sugar or refined flour.  Sugar especially can cause acne problems

  • Avoid fatty foods.  Fatty foods are beef, pork, nuts and cheese

  • Drink lots of liquids.  Drink a lot of pure spring water.  In addition, mix watercress and orange juice in equal proportion and drink every day

  • Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits


Natural Remedies for Acne Removal


Go for proven and safe natural remedies for acne removal.  Drugs and medications are expensive and some of them can worsen acne problems instead of treating them as they could contain injected steroids. iodides, bromides, etc.


1) Aromatherapy


Natural remedies using Aromatherapy Essential Oils can help to speed up the healing of acne blemishes due to the antiseptic properties of some of the essential oils.  Learn more about Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Acne Removal


2) Flower Remedies


Traditional flower remedies is another natural remedy that can help in acne removal without the side effects from medicinal drugs.  Learn which type of flowers are suitable for acne removal: Flower Remedies for Acne Removal


3) Home Remedies


There are many proven simple home remedies that can help alleviate acne problems naturally.  Learn more about Home Remedies for Acne Removal



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