Natural Healing Remedies for Cancer

What is Cancer?


Cancer starts when some cells starts behaving differently from normal and stops working in harmony with the whole organism. These group of cells then started growing, multiplying, spreading and causing havoc within our body.


Everyone of us has cancer cells in our body.  If our immune systems are strong, the cancer cells can easily be overcome by our immune systems before they even get any chance of forming into a mass or spreading.  On the other hand, if our immune systems are weak, the more resistant cancer cells will be able to thrive and flourish.


Cancer and Diet


Cancer and Diet are undeniably linked. Diet is one of the main factor why cancer is on the rise.  The greatest contributor to cancer risk is in the diet of refined foods that most of us take today as they are laced with chemicals and devoid of nutrients.  Another factor is a diet of purely meat and carbohydrates with a total exclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Conversely, healthy diet is also an important aspect of therapy and the food we eat can be a matter of life or death as it determine the direction and progress of healing. 


Many common natural foods contain cancer-fighting properties such as antioxidants that attacks free radicals, phytochemicals such as sulforaphane that induces the production of certain enzymes which is able to deactivate free radicals and carcinogens thus inhibiting the growth of cancer tumors, beta-carotene that can destroy cancer cells, etc


The risk of developing cancer can be practically eliminated if we:

  • avoid food containing known carcinogens

  • eat the anti cancer diet and

  • boost our immune systems.

Natural Remedies as a complementary treatment for Cancer


1) Aromatherapy


Natural remedies using Aromatherapy Essential Oils can act as a complementary treatment to help cancer patients cope with the side effects associated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.  Learn more about Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Cancer.


2) Home Remedies


Natural home remedies provides a guide on the correct food to eat to prevent cancer, the types of food that contains antioxidant properties to boosts immune system, attacks free radicals and destroys cancer tumors


However, remember that cancer is still a very difficult disease to cure and that the remedies below may offer possibilities of improving your chances of survival and may not completely replace the cure of qualified physicians.  Learn more about Home Remedies for Cancer.



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