Flower Remedies for Acne Removal

The occurrence of acne is due to the skin producing too much sebum or oil which then mixes with the dead cells on the skin surface which then starts to form into a paste that clogs pores eventually leading to whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.  In some cases, fluctuations in hormones can also aggravate the process.


Although acne often affects teenagers during their puberty years, it is not just a teenage problem.  In fact half of all the acne cases are adults and almost all of these adults are women.  Fortunately there are many effective natural remedies that can help to clear up this condition.


Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy is suitable for juvenile acne.  Put 20 grams of dried wild pansy plants into 1 liter of water, then boil for 10 mins.  Let it cool, strain out the wild pansy infusion and drink 4-5 cups a day.



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