Flower Remedies for Burns

There is a very good reason why burns are among the injuries most of us fear the most.  They can be terribly painful, become infected easily and become lethal in extreme cases.  No matter whether a burn is major or minor, the utmost importance lies in the speed of treating it.


Treatment of burns depends very much on how deeply it has damaged the skin.  It is important to know how to judge the seriousness of a burn injury:


First-degree burns

First-degree burns, such as sunburn, are usually red, moist and painful.  Generally they do not blister and often heals within a week.


Second-degree burns

Second-degree burns arises when there is a searing off the top layer of the skin and penetration to the dermis or the under-layer of the skin.  They can either be deep or superficial.


Deep second-degree burns penetrate farther into the dermis and are usually painful and often dry and pale-looking.  The healing period can take up to a month and scarring is often significant.


Superficial second-degree burns affect only the top of the dermis and are extremely painful when moist or touched.  The appearance of the skin is often red or patchy pink with blisters.  Superficial second-degree burns usually heal on their own.


Third-degree burns


Third-degree burns penetrate all the way through the skin.  The burned area is leathery and blackened.  Strangely, these types of burns are usually not painful because the nerve endings that causes pain have already been seared off.  Healing treatment requires skin grafts.


No matter what causes the burns, the crucial thing to do is to seek immediate relief.  Due to the fact that our cells will continue toasting even after already separated from the source of the heat, what is done within the first few minutes after being burned can make a world of difference in the healing process.  Here is an effective natural healing flower remedy for burn treatment and to shorten the process of healing.




Marigold, also known as calendula, contains powerful healing powers and have antiseptic, anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an extremely effective treatment for both cuts and burns.

  1. Prepare a tincture by soaking one cup of marigold flowers in a quart of 40 proof alcohol for a few days and placing the container near some heat source or in direct sunlight.

  2. To prepare a decoction, boil a pinch in a quart of water for 10 minutes.

Aside for this flower remedy, there are equally effective herbal remedies and home remedies to help provide fast relief from minor burns.


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