Flower Remedies for Infection

Infections need not be scary if you understand them and know how to manage and prevent them.  One of the most common symptom of an infection is fever.  The most common treatment of a fever is administering Aspirin, Tylenol or Panadol however this may not really be a wise idea as the medications only suppresses the problem instead of helping to resolve it.  Moreover these types of drugs are usually toxic to a certain degree.

The better alternatives to lower a fever would be to seek natural healing home remedies such as:

  • Using cool or icy water to sponge off the patient

  • Mixing some alcohol with water will provide a much more powerful cooling effect.

  • Another alternative is to put the patient into a warm bath then slowly add in cold water.

  • Drink plenty of pure water.

We should never ignore any infection which also applies to just a simple flu, cold or diarrhea to avoid potential complications from arising which may turn out to be even more costly to treat.  Immediately start to treat infections using safe natural healing home remedies, herbal remedies or flower remedies.  Early treatment can kill the infection and avoid potential complications.


In fact, it is even encouraged that more than one natural healing remedies be used as at times, just depending on only one natural healing remedy may not be sufficient.  At the same time, combine the natural healing remedies with the right diet, rest, nutrients and hydrotherapy.


If you have infections of the digestive or mouth system, bronchial infections, sore throats or runny noses, you can start with this natural healing flower remedy for infection listed below.  For other natural healing home remedies or herbal remedies for the same type of infections or other types of infections, check out our home remedies for infection and also our herbal remedies for infection.




Rose flowers are recommended for inflammation of the mouth or digestive system, sore throats, bronchial infections and runny noses.  Its antiseptic properties are effective in helping to combat

  • colibacillus

  • staphylococcus

  • pyocyanic bacteria which is responsible for causing infections in newborn infants or patients who has gone through certain surgical procedures.

  • proteus bacteria which is usually found in the respiratory and digestive systems

For treatment of sore throats

  1. Prepare concentrated infusions by using 2 oz of rose petals to one quart of water.

  2. Drink 2-3 cups daily.

For treatment of sores which are full of pus, it is more beneficial to use rose vinegar.

  1. Prepare rose vinegar by soaking 3 oz of rose petals in white vinegar for about 10 days.

  2. Put the ingredients in a glass container then place them either in direct sunlight or near some other heat source.

  3. Apply the rose vinegar directly onto the affected areas.

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