Flower Remedies

What are flower remedies?


Many flowers have the power to heal and cure. Flower remedies are simple and requires nothing more than the flowers themselves, either fresh or dried.  Many flowers are commonly found growing in gardens while the dried flowers can either be self-dried or found in many health, herbal and drug stores, both the common as well as the rare varieties.


Flower remedies are different from Aromatherapy which uses essential oils which are also made from flowers. The Aromatherapy Essential Oil remedies can be found in the Aromatherapy category.  The Flower Remedies category here focuses solely on using either fresh or dried flowers as natural healing treatment. 


The fresh or dried flowers are actually used as it is or prepared as a mother tincture which is either taken internally or sniffed through the nasal passages.


Using flower remedies safely


Flower remedies are basically safe and harmless, however there could be some people who can be sensitive to some types of flower ingredients.  For those who are affected adversely, you should immediately discontinue using the remedies.

  1. When preparing flower remedies, ensure absolute cleanliness and hygiene is adhered to

  2. Seek a doctor's medical advice if your symptoms persist

  3. Flower remedies should not be taken for longer than 2-3 weeks unless it is advised by an expert medical herbalist or other qualified professionals

  4. Follow these doses for children:

             Age under 6 - 1/3 of adult dose
             Age 6-15     - 1/2 of adult dose

  5. For pregnant ladies, always seek the advice of medical professionals before using flower remedies

Flower remedies for common ailments


Flower remedies guide

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