Best Vitamins for Women

What are the best vitamins for women?


In the first place, the first question that should crop up is whether does women really need to take vitamins before even starting to determine what are the best vitamins for women.  I had personally posted this very same first question to many doctors and their answers has always been the same.


We do not really need to take any vitamins so long as we are taking a healthy balanced diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle everyday.  The doctors also emphasized that if our body has a deficiency in any particular type of vitamin, our body will show symptoms to trigger us.  Another important point stressed by the doctors is that excessive vitamins in the body can lead to vitamin toxicity:

  • Vitamin A toxicity can increase the risk of fractures and cause dry eyes, lips, hair and skin.  The skin can even begin to peel for severe cases.

  • Vitamin B6 toxicity can cause sensory neuropathy which leads to numbness and pain in the toes and fingers and even walking difficulties.

  • Vitamin D toxicity can result in calcium build up and cause nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, body weakness, urinary bladder and kidney problems.  One of the signs of vitamin D toxicity is frequent urination.  If vitamin D intake is not stopped and overdosing occurs, this may lead to development of kidney stones and eventually kidney failure.

  • Vitamin E toxicity can interfere with normal blood clotting functions and may result in hemorrhaging.

  • Vitamin K toxicity can result in red blood cells bursting and releasing pigments and turn skin into a yellowish cast.  Overdoses of vitamin K can even lead to brain damage.

Hence doctors are the best people to determine whether we require vitamins and advise on the right type of vitamins and the right dosage to take. 


Unfortunately, in today's stressful world, many people are too bogged down by excessive work and long working hours to really take care of their health and ensure their diets are balanced and nutritious. Preferably a hard choice should be taken to ensure health is the first priority and to make sure there is a work life balance. 


The ideal solution is to learn how to manage stress in both personal and work life and be able to allocate time for a healthy lifestyle.  If you are unable to achieve that or if the work environment makes it impossible then it is time to consider a career change if you can afford to do so.  For women who find themselves in this type of inescapable situation, there is no choice but to go for some vitamins and supplements. However always seek the advice of doctors first.  Never be misguided by direct sales companies or sales people who are non-medical experts and are only out to earn quick bucks and does not have your welfare at heart.


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