Passages Malibu - Holistic Rehabilitation Center

Passages Malibu is a famous, state-of-the-art rehabilitation center offering programs for holistic alcohol and drug treatments. It is a holistic healing center which welcomes all people from around the world.  This rehabilitation center provides effective and luxurious treatment for both celebrities as well as non-celebrities and guarantees top priority confidentiality. Passages Malibu provides a secure, exclusive safe-haven for recovery and healing and helps celebrities to avoid the glare of publicity. 


In fact, Passages Malibu has been listed among the top 5 celebrity rehabilitation centers in the United states.  Celebrities who had utilized the facilities and services of Passages Malibu includes Marc Jacobs, Mel Gibson, Brandon Davis, Natasha Lyonne, Polly Shore, David Hasselhoff, Andy Dick and Stephen Baldwin


Passages Malibu is unique and does not adopt the same approach as majority of the drug rehabilitation centers which focuses on the disease concept and applies the 12 Steps of AA treatment method.  Passages Malibu strongly believes that although this type of approach has proven to be effective for some people, it is most certainly not suitable for everybody. 


It understands that most people are searching for holistic rehabilitation centers that emphasizes more on healing instead of labeling people as alcoholics or drug addicts.  Hence Passages Malibu does not adopt the 12 Steps of AA approach and is very much against the concept that dependency on alcohol and drugs is considered a disease.  Instead Passages Malibu adopts a holistic approach and attempts to treat the alcohol or drug addiction for what it really is which is actually a symptom of some deeper underlying problems such as:

  • depression or anxiety

  • low self-esteem or lack of purpose in life

  • trauma, loss of a loved one or family turmoil

  • panic attacks

  • molestation

  • insomnia or headaches

  • chemical imbalance

  • physical pain

  • ADD or attention deficit disorder

Service provided


Passages Malibu is able to provide more services in comparison with other rehabilitation centers and provides 5-star quality facilities.  Service provided by Passages Malibu includes:

  1. providing an holistic treatment by treating the whole person

  2. focusing on identifying and healing the underlying problems which are driving towards the dependency on alcohol and drugs

  3. providing treatment programs that is unique to each individual's needs.  These unique treatment programs will focus on the specific types of treatments and therapies that will be proven as being the most effective in healing each and every individual's core issues

  4. providing a team of ten therapists that is able to provide much more hours of excellent and therapeutic treatment on a one-to-one basis as compared to other rehabilitation facilities

  5. treating individuals with honor, respect and dignity

  6. allowing visitations by friends and family members during treatment

  7. provides one of the most luxurious and state-of-the-art facilities in the United States



Passages resides in Southern California and can be found in 2 locations:

  1. Passages Malibu

    Passages Malibu is located on a ten acre property in Malibu, California and has been providing treatment for alcohol and drug addiction since 2001.  It is located just off the Pacific Coast Highway and is about 30 miles away from downtown Los Angeles.

  2. Passages Ventura

    Passages Ventura is the second facility which was opened in 2009 and is located near the Channel Islands of Ventura and about 30 miles just north of Malibu, California.

Both locations offer similar types of holistic treatment and different choices of payment modes.


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