Herbal Remedies for Burns

The medicinal power of plants can seem almost miraculous when they are applied onto the sting of a burn.  Natural healing herbal remedies not only promotes rapid healing but also soothes away pain.  Here are some useful and effective herbal plants to have on hand during emergencies.


Aloe vera


Aloe vera can rapidly help in to alleviate pain caused by minor burns and is a very effective treatment against infection. 

  1. Just simply cut a piece of bottom aloe vera leaf from an aloe plant growing in your home, remove the skin and place the aloe vera gel directly on the burn.  When the pulp dries up, just use a knife to scratch the leaf and more sap will appear.



Mullein decoctions are often used to make dressings for treatment of burns.

  1. To make the dressing, soak about 3 handfuls of mullein flowers and leaves in a quart of cold water and leave overnight.

  2. Then soak a gauze in the mullein herbal liquid and dress the wound.

St. John's wort


St. John's wort is used to prepare an oil that is effective for treatment of burns.  Ideally, prepare the oil in advance to be stored for any emergencies.

  1. To prepare the St. John's wort oil, fill a glass container with St. John's wort herbs then cover with extra virgin olive oil.

  2. Seal the container and place near a heat source or in direct sunlight for about 5 - 6 weeks, agitating the mixture from time to time.

  3. When the St. John's wort oil has taken on a distinct red colour, filter the oil out and store in an opague container.

  4. Use the oil to apply externally on any open cuts, wounds, burns or bruises.  The St. John's wort oil can be stored up to 2 years.


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