Herbal Remedies for Cancer

Cancer still remains a major killer today and cancer sufferers are always searching for that miracle cure.  Since there is really no cancer cure from conventional medicine especially for terminal cases, many are turning to natural healing remedies for hope. 

So can herbal remedies really achieve what the best minds in the medical field have been trying to do for the past decades?  Well, the answer is both yes and no.  Not all herbal remedies listed here will work miracles as some of them are focusing more on cancer prevention and helping tip the odds in the favour of those who already have cancer.

However, it does seem true that herbal remedies in some cases have been proven to be able to cure cancer after all attempts at conventional medical treatment have failed.  Some recent discovery of herbs like Sabah Snake Grass has been claimed by so many who have tried it to be a true miracle cure.

Anyway when we have reach the end of the road whereby all conventional medical treatment have already failed, there is basically no harm in exploring any avenue that offers the possibility of improving our chances of survival.  The only word of caution is to make sure we keep our doctors informed of any herbal remedies taken to avoid any unwanted drug or herb interactions.


Bedstraw has been used successfully for treatment of cancer of the tongue.

  1. Prepare an infusion by adding 1 teaspoon of bedstraw to 2 cups of boiling water.

Fresh bedstraw sap when mixed with butter can help to combat mouth ulcers and lesions.  However any unusual lesion needs to be checked by the doctor before trying to treat yourself.


Butterburr will not be able to cure cancer however it does contain anticarcinogenic properties and can help in alleviating cramps and pain.  There is no harm ingesting large amounts of this completely non-toxic herb daily along with your meals.  For cancer of the lymph glands, prepare a poultice.

  1. Prepare a buterburr poultice by crushing together some freshly washed butterburr, bedstraw, St. John's wort and marigold leaves, while still wet, using a rolling pin. Then use the paste to cover the affected lymph glands.
  2. For those who had already undergone surgery, use the depurative infusion to prepare compresses in order to accelerate healing.


The celandine herb is effective in stimulating liver functions and helping to combat cancer because the liver is often affected by cancer.

  1. For disease of the liver, consume 1/4 teaspoon of celandine powder up to 4 times daily for a 2 months cure period with a 3 weeks break.
    Note: Prepare celandine powder by grinding dry celandine until very fine then store them in hermetically sealed glass jars which are then kept in cold dark places for up to 3 weeks maximum.
  2. For skin cancer or any exteriorized cancer tumours, applying celandine juice onto the affected areas can result in miraculous healing.


Horsetail has the reputation of being able to stop cancer tumour growth and in some cases, causing them to even shrink.  It is also often used to prepare steam-heated compresses for alleviation of pain and acceleration of the healing process after surgery.

  1. Heat horsetail leaves in a double boiler and when the leaves have softened, wrap them in a thick woolen cloth and apply firmly onto the affected areas and leave in place for at least 2 hours to retain their heat.
  2. When horsetail is combined with yarrow, it can help prevent cancer especially lung cancer.  Prepare a decoction by boiling 2 oz of dried stems in 1 quart of water for 10 minutes.


Lapacho is a herb often used by South American healers for prevention and healing of all types of cancer including leukemia.

  1. Mix the entire contents of 1 or 2 droppers with 1 cup of water and drink.  Ingest 3 times per day.  For cancer prevention, consume up to 20 drops per day.


Lycopodium, also known  as club moss, is used for treatment of liver cancer which is one of the most difficult type of cancer to treat under any circumstances.

  1. Consume 1 cup of lycopodium infusion in the morning before breakfast then another cup about 1/2 hour before dinner.  Complete this with depurative and horsetail compresses.


Marigold is well known to be able to prevent cancer of the uterus and stomach.

  1. Use macerations: Soak 30 grams of marigold flowers and leaves in 1 quart of cold water overnight.  Drink 2 cups daily.
  2. Another option, recommended by Maria Treben who is a renowned herbal therapist, to combat tumours in the ovaries, lower stomach and uterus is diluting 6-8 teaspoons of depurative tea in 1.5 quarts of herbal tea made from 10 oz of marigold and an equal amount of yarrow as well as taking yarrow sitz baths 3 times per week.
  3. To treat cancer of the pancreas or intestines as well as leukemia, mix 6 oz of marigold, 3 1/2 oz of nettle and 3 1/2 oz of yarrow together.  Add 6 teaspoons of this mixture to 1.5 quarts of water and bring to boil.  Drink 1 mouthful every 15 minutes to facilitate digestion.
  4. Another alternative is to add 1 teaspoon of depurative tea to 1/2 cup of this mixture then drink 50% before the main meal of the day and the other 50% after the meal.
  5. Or soak some soft material in the depurative tea remedy and then apply to the stomach area.
  6. Marigold ointment is also useful in helping to combat cancer of the lymph glands.  Place 2 heaping cups of marigold leaves, stems and flowers through a blender, add this to 1 lb of melted lard (make sure to keep the cooking temperature under 100 degrees C), remove from heat, filter through linen or cheesecloth then set aside to stand for 1 day.  Filter again through a fine cotton cloth then store in plastic or opague glass containers.  Apply whenever needed to affected areas.


Marjoram is highly recommended to combat cancer of the lymph glands.

  1. Fill up a glass container with fresh marjoram but do not pack them too tightly.  Cover with extra virgin olive oil.  Let it soak in direct sunlight or place it near a heat source for up to 10 days.
  2. Apply the oil onto the affected lymph glands, alternating with marigold ointment and St. John's wort oil.


Mistletoe is commonly used for treatment of arthritis, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and for preventing and combating cancer.  This herb also has a beneficial effect on the body's overall metabolism  Just buy mistletoe tincture from health food stores or pharmacies.


Nettle is a depurative and effective in curing cancer of the spleen when taken as a cure over a time period of some weeks.  It is crucial never to boil nettle infusions.

  1. Just add 1 teaspoon of nettle to 1 cup of previously boiled water then set aside to stand for 3 minutes.
  2. Combine nettle with an equal amount of marigold for combating cancer of the stomach.  Sip this mixture throughout the day and then complete the herbal treatment with depurative compresses.
  3. Use nettle infusions to heal surgical wounds.  Apply locally along with horsetail compresses that had already been heated with steam.

Sabah Snake Grass or Clinathanus

Sabah Snake Grass leaves has recently been discovered to be a miracle cancer cure and has already helped many cancer patients even in later stages of cancer.  Just blend together 1/2 cup of water, 1 or 2 ice cubes, 1/2 a lime juice or 1/4 of a lemon, Sabah Snake Grass leaves as per dosage below and 1 green apple, peeled and with core and seeds removed.  Drink this juice immediately.

Recommended dosage by cancer stages:

Stage 1 - 30 Sabah Snake Grass leaves daily
Stage 2 - 50 Sabah Snake Grass leaves daily
Stage 3 - 100 Sabah Snake Grass leaves daily
Stage 4 - 150 to 200 Sabah Snake Grass leaves daily

Note: When the patient gets better, reduce the number of leaves

Sweet Flag

Sweet flag is recommended for treating intestinal cancer and leukemia.

  1. Put 1 teaspoon of sweet flag roots into a cup of cold water then leave overnight to soak.  Filter, heat up and drink up to a maximum of 6 mouthfuls a day only, before and after meals.  Sweet flag can also be combined with marigold.


Combining yarrow herb with horsetail herb can be effective in combating lung cancer.

  1. Combine 4 cups of yarrow infusion with 1 cup of horsetail infusion then add another 1/2 cup later on in the day.
  2. Prepare infusion by adding 1/2 oz of herbs to 1/2 quart of boiling water.
  3. Another option is to chew sweet flag root then wash the juice down with 1 cup of yarrow tea.

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