Herbal Remedies for Cellulite

Cellulite which is the puckery fat that commonly mottles the skin of the butt, hips and thighs, is not dangerous but can be unsightly.  For some reason, cellulite seems to exclusively happen to women only.


These herbal remedies can help in eliminating excess fluids which can worsen the appearance of cellulite.  However they are not miracle cures.  You may get to see improvements and may still have to continue carrying a little cellulite around.  The consolation is that cellulite is so common that most people accepted and considered it as normal.




The birch herb has a diuretic effect and can help in stimulating digeston.

  1. Prepare a birch infusion by placing 1/2 oz of birch leaves to one quart of boiling water and set aside to stand for 15 minutes.

  2. Filter and add in the juice of 2 lemons and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda.

  3. Drink this birch mixture throughout the day and together with meals.

Broom heather


Broom heather helps by improving blood circulation and acting as a diuretic.

  1. Mix together 1 oz of broom heather, 1/2 oz of queen of the meadow and couchgrass in a quart of water.

  2. Bring to boil for 1 minute.

  3. Drink this herbal remedy throughout the day and between meals.

Celandine and climbing ivy


Combining celandine and climbing ivy as an external application can help in softening thickened skin and dissolving fat.

  1. Place 50 grams of celandine and 50 grams of climbing ivy in one quart of water then boil for 3 minutes.

  2. Soak compresses in this liquid and apply on the required area while still hot.



Kelp is great in stimulating endocrine functions and regularizing the metabolism of fats.

  1. Use fresh kelp to massage the affected area.

  2. Prepare a kelp decoction by boiling 1/2 oz of kelp in one quart of water for about 5 minutes.  Drink 3-4 cups daily before meals.  This should help to eliminate cellulite on the nape of the neck, midriff and hips.  You will not see any results until 2-3 weeks later.

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