Herbal Remedies for Convulsions

Aside from epileptic convulsions, which is a completely different case,  people who are most likely to experience convulsions are children having a fever greater than 102 degrees F.  Although this type of convulsion is spectacular, it rarely has serious consequences.  The usual treatment given by the doctors are often an anticonvulsive medication.


Whenever a convulsion occurs, it needs to be treated immediately and this quick treatment of acute conditions usually falls within the realm of conventional medication.  The role of natural healing herbal remedies as a therapy should be auxiliary.  Here are some effective herbal remedies:




As chickweed is a tonic, drinking a few cups of chickweed infusions can help put an end to mild convulsions.

  1. Make a chickweed infusion by using 1/3 oz of dried chickweed leaves to one quart of boiling water.  Consume as needed.



The valerian herb is an antispasmodic and a sedative.  When preparing an infusion, it is crucial not to exceed the recommended dosage as this can result in a reverse effect and you may end up more agitated.

  1. Prepare a valerian infusion by using 1 oz of valerian roots per quart of boiling water.

  2. Remove from heat and set aside to steep for about 15 minutes.

  3. Drink 1 cup of valerian infusion between meals.  Adults can consume up to 1/2 quart daily.

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