Herbal Remedies for Depression

What is depression?


Depression can strike you after a stressful, disappointing or sad event in your life.  Sometimes the onset of depression can be sudden, akin to a sudden lightning bolt out of the blue and can happen for no apparent reason and even without any prior warning signs.  It can be difficult trying to understand why depression occurs.  However when depression strikes, we have ways on how to help you overcome depression however it all depends on the type of depression that you are suffering from.


Severe depression


If you are experiencing severe depression then you need to seek professional treatment as home remedies will not be able to help in this situation.  Symptoms of severe depression includes:

  • loss of appetite

  • loss of libido

  • loss of ability to feel pleasure

  • deep hopelessness

  • lack of interest in life

  • sudden changes in weight

  • anxiety

  • irritability

  • sleep disturbances

Dysthymia or mild chronic depression


Mild depression or dysthymia can occur from working too much or due to deficiency of vitamins of minerals in your diet.  Sometimes you can also feel mildly depressed for not getting that wage raise or the promotion you were hoping for or because you are jobless.  Symptoms of mild depression includes:

  • feelings of discouragement

  • fatigue

  • listlessness

  • apathy

  • anxiety

Chronic depression can be caused by a heart condition


Herbal remedies for depression


The herbal remedies we are recommending can help you to get over a difficult depressed period as they great in restoring the energy that you seem to be lacking as well as in recharging your batteries.   However it is not encouraged to solely rely on these herbal remedies only.  Your other weapons in your arsenal for fighting depression should also include a healthy diet, exercises and attending to those stressful areas in your life.


Asian ginseng


Asian ginseng is an effective herbal remedy for helping to increase resistance to stress, improving your concentration and raising your energy level.  For those who suffers from mild depression for an extended period, it is recommended to ingest one capsule or about 500 mg of dried Asian ginseng root everyday for about 10 days.  This dosage should be repeated every 2 months.  However for those who are more active and younger, the Asian ginseng should not be taken for more than 3 weeks at a time.




Mistletoe is an excellent herbal remedy for fatigue especially if the condition is associated with slow metabolism or cardiac problems.  Mistletoes helps in regulating circulation as well as heart functions and is often recommended as a prescription cure for both hypotension (low blood pressure) and hypertension (high blood pressure).


Mistletoe herbal remedy should be prepared cold:

  1. Soak one teaspoon of mistletoe twigs in one cup of cold water up to 24 hours. Consume 1 cup daily in 3 equal portions dividing into morning, noon and night.

  2. If you are able to get fresh mistletoe leaves, soak about 6 teaspoons of the leaves in 1 1/2 cups of cold water for about 8 hours.  Ingest a mouthful at frequent intervals throughout the day.

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