Herbal Remedies for Herpes Simplex

Herpes simplex, commonly known as herpes only, is something that nobody wishes to have yet majority of us carries around a herpes virus of one kind or another.  In fact, the statistics are really scary as an estimated 25% have genital herpes and a whopping 90% have oral herpes or cold sores


Luckily the herpes infections are generally benign however they can be rather unpleasant and sometimes extremely painful.  To make matters even worse, the herpes problem is usually chronic which means herpes can keep recurring throughout our lifetime.


However newborns are at very high risk as a herpes attack can be serious and even fatal.  Hence if you are pregnant and suspect you may be carrying the herpes virus, it is imperative that you seek the consultation of the doctor.


Herpes and Treatment


Those who are carrying the herpes virus usually are more likely to suffer outbreaks of herpes when:

  • under emotional pressure

  • under a lot of stress

  • during menstrual periods

Hence in addition to both external and internal treatments, it is also a good idea to practice meditation or other forms of relaxation.


Although there is still no known cure for herpes today, there are natural healing herbal remedies that can help make the herpes virus outbreaks to become less painful, heal faster and recur even less frequently.




Burdock has an antiseptic and depurative effect and is suitable for use as both external or internal applications.

  1. For external application, soak a handful of burdock leaves in olive oil.

  2. For internal application, place 2 oz of burdock and 2 oz of nettle into a quart of water and boil for an hour.  Add more water to compensate for any loss due to evaporation.  Drink 3 small cups daily. 
    Note: The liquid can also be used to prepare a compress for local application.



Fumitory has a calming and depurative effect.

  1. Prepare a fumitory infusion by using 2 oz of fumitory plant per quart of water and drink one cup daily before breakfast.



Malva has a calming effect and is great in soothing irritation when the herpes pustules are inflamed and painful.

  1. Prepare a hot poultice by steaming either crushed roots or fresh leaves.


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