Herbal Remedies for Infection

When laughter becomes infectious, it makes us happy and we really appreciate it.  Any other types of infection ---fungi, viruses, bacteria ----will cause us to be wary as it may bring with it hosts of health problems.


So how do we know that we have an infection?  In most cases, there will be signs and symptoms, the most common of which is developing a fever.  If it is a throat or skin infection, there will be signs of red, painful skin area or pustules.  Lung infection will show symptoms of a cough and very likely black or dark green mucous.  You will feel painful burning sensation for a urinary tract infection.  Infection in the digestive system will surface up with signs of nausea, cramps, swelling or heartburn.


We are really lucky that Nature is so kind as to provide us with a whole arsenal of useful and effective natural antibiotics.  These herbs contains antiseptic properties that is known to humankind since prehistoric times and constitutes on of the most important ways that Nature has provided benefits to humankind.


These natural healing herbal remedies can be used effectively to fight infection without any of the inconvenience or side effects of chemical antibiotics.  We should always seek for regular usage of natural antibiotics as the first and foremost preventive measure which can greatly help our organism to become more resistant to diseases.


Herbal remedies for infection




Elder is a popular treatment of choice for those suffering from respiratory infections.

  1. Prepare herbal infusions by adding 1 oz of elder roots to a quart of boiling water.

  2. Let it stand for about 10 minutes before drinking one cup before meals.



The elecampane herb contains an antibacterial agent highly recommended for treating respiratory infections.

  1. Prepare a herbal infusion by using 1 oz of dried elecampane roots to a quart of boiling water.



The lavendar herb is a powerful antiseptic which is specially recommended for bronchia infection.

  1. Prepare a herbal decoction by boiling 1 oz of lavendar herbs in one quart of water for 5 minutes.

  2. Remove from heat and set aside for about 10 minutes before using.



Nasturtium actually contains substances which make it a really powerful antibiotic agent.  There are many ways to use this plant as a herbal remedy.

  1. Add nasturtium to salads to help strengthen resistance to infectious disease.

  2. A 1/2 cup of fresh nasturtium juice daily can be used as both and external and internal disinfectant.

  3. Nasturtium in capsule forms can act as an antibiotic which does not destroy the natural intestinal flora.



The sage herb is primarily used as an external application.

  1. For preparation of sage extractions, soak 60 grams of sage leaves in one quart of water for about 15 minutes.

  2. Add some vinegar so as to obtain an antiseptic lotion.



Thyme is an antiseptic balm effective in helping to cure infections in the breathing passages and throat as well as minor infections of the intestinal and urinary tracts.  Thyme can also be applied externally for treatment of infected burns and cuts.


For treatment of respiratory and digestive infections

  1. Make an infusion by using 1 oz of thyme leaves and flowers in a quart of water.

  2. Drink 3 cups of thyme infusion per day, before meals.

  3. Alternatively, buy essence of thyme from pharmacies, herbal or healthy food stores and take about 20 drops per day.

For treatment of throat infections

  1. Put 2/3 oz of thyme herbs to one quart of cold water.

  2. Bring to heat and then boil for about 5 minutes.

  3. Filter, use a little honey to sweeten it then use as a throat gargle.



Yarrow is well-known to be able to combat quite a number of types of infection.  It can be used externally to treat cuts and wounds or internally, as a herbal infusion.

  1. Prepare an infusion by using 1/2 oz of yarrow plant per quart of boiling water.

  2. Set aside to stand for about 10 minutes before using.

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