Herbal Remedies

What are herbal remedies?


The use of herbs as natural remedies has been there since ancient times and has traditionally been used for treatment and prevention of many common ailments.  Most herbs contain anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic and anti-fungal properties and can be used to provide effective and safe natural healing treatment with few side effects provided they are used correctly.  In fact, one of the major advantages of herbs is their safety as toxic side effects are quite rare.  The herbs are either used on its own or by combining a few herbs together to provide relief or treatment for specific ailments.


However, similar to medications, some herbs do have some side effects or risks especially when taken together with other medications or herbs.  The most important thing is to treat these herbs with respect as they can be really powerful natural medicines.  Use herbal cures only when you are sick unless the particular herb is intended to be used as a preventive tonic.  Before consuming any herbs, find out about its potential side effects first and only use the herbs according to the instructions.  Finally, when you use the herbal remedies, you will be taking personal responsibility for your own health.


Herbal remedies can be used in many ways such as tonics, oils, poultices, salves, tinctures and teas.  As long as you have the herbs on hand, preparation of some of the herbal remedies are relatively easy.


Most of the herbs are available in health food stores, grocery and drugstores, mail-order catalogs and can even be bought online unless you are growing your own herbs.  Generally, most herbs have an excellent safety record and you should be able to take them with confidence.


Difference between herbal remedies and home remedies


Both herbal remedies and home remedies are folk medicine that has been proven to be effective, natural and safe.  Herbal remedies use purely herbs while home remedies uses items that are commonly found in the home kitchen such as spices, fruits and vegetables, certain types of food and may also include some herbs which are commonly kept in the kitchen for cooking or garnishing purposes such as garlic, ginger, etc.  Home remedies are equally beneficial for health but they are not considered as herbal remedies.


Herbal Remedies Guide

Herbal Remedies for common ailments


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