Benefits of Herbs and Spices

There is much confusion between herbs and spices as these terms had been used interchangeably depending on the different traditions or cultures to indicate any products from origins of plants which are used to season food and for natural healing of illnesses. 


Technically, herbs are actually aromatic plants that are grown in temperate zones where its stems, leaves, roots, flowers or seeds may be utilized as herbal medicines or to flavour dishes.  The flavour of herbs are usually milder and more suitable for delicate seasonings.


Spices are more of tropical plants where parts used are leaves, roots, flowers, seeds or bark and are mainly used as herbal medicines, flavouring dishes, preserving food or providing assistance in digestion.  The flavour of spices are more distinct and strong, hence able to add a more piquant taste to dishes.


Health benefits of herbs and spices

Since ancient times, herbs and spices has always been recognized for its natural healing powers.  Some of them contains antioxidant and anti-cancer properties and has been proven to be able to:

  • lower LDL cholesterol

  • assist in regulating blood sugar

  • minimize arthritic pain

  • inhibit bacterial growth

  • improve cardiovascular health

  • reduce blood pressure

  • clear up acne

Different herbs and spices contains different healing properties.  Browse through our comprehensive list to determine which herbs and spices are appropriate as herbal remedies for the right type of illnesses.


Herbs and spices

  1. Aloe vera

  2. Cinnamon

  3. Peppermint

  4. Sabah snake grass or clinathanus

  5. St John's wort

  6. Thyme

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