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Although abscesses are minor disorders, never make the mistake of neglecting them as chronic abscesses are often tubercular infections.  For cases where you are fighting against chronic ailments like diabetes, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis or you are taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as Prednisone, an abscess can become extremely dangerous.  Seek immediate medical attention if you are in this situation.


However for small common boils flower remedies, herbal remedies or home remedies are your best options.   You need to drain off an abscess before it can start the healing process hence attempting to drain  before it is "ripe" is not good.  Wait until the skin over the infected area becomes soft and comes to a small, white "head" then applying some moist heat will encourage the boil to open itself.  Once the abscess opens and drains spontaneously, clean up the wound and dress it up with a sterile gauze.  If the boil is too big and cannot open, then seek professional help.


Here are some effective home remedies to heal abscesses.  For herbal remedies or flower remedies, refer to their respective sections in this same website.




Although cabbage is a common vegetable, it can be used to make an effective compress.

  1. Take a few fresh cabbage leaves, remove the edges and place them between 2 pieces of clean cotton.

  2. Heat them briefly using a hot iron.

  3. Then place them directly onto the abscess.

Another option is:

  1. Soak a few fresh cabbage leaves in hot water

  2. Again place them directly onto the skin, frequently changing the leaves.

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