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Home remedies can help to speed up the healing process and providing pain relief for minor burns.  Some of the common causes of minor burns are due to a hot iron, steam, hot coffee or sunburns and can be easily treated immediately in the comfort of your own home. 


If there are no handy remedies available to treat localized minor burns, try applying cold compresses or soaking the affected burn areas in cold water for about 15-30 minutes or even longer if required.  Remember to use only cold water and never use ice as ice can damage the skin.  After the cold water treatment, continue using these home remedies.


Black tea

For minor burns, a combination of cold water treatment with black tea bags treatment can be really beneficial as black tea contains tannic acid which is effective in reducing pain.

  1. Place some black tea bags into cool water and soak for a few minutes.  Then dip the affected burn area into the cold black tea for a few minutes.

  2. The black tea bags can be recycled later by gently placing them onto the burned area.



Carrots can be used for soothing pain caused by burns.

  1. Just grate one carrot and apply directly onto the affected burn area.

Egg white


Egg whites are considered as one of the miracle cure for minor burns.  Egg whites helps in alleviating pain as well as providing healing and preventing scarring from minor burns.

  1. Separate the egg whites out and apply onto the burned section.  No pain will be felt so long as the burned area is wet however when the egg white dries up, the pain can return so you may need to reapply the egg white treatment for as long as it is required. 



The juice of an onion is an effective first aid for minor burns as it can help in easing pain and reducing potential blistering.

  1. Take a fresh onion, peel off the skin and cut into half.

  2. Squeeze out the onion juice directly onto the burn area.

Take note that the onion used must be freshly cut.  Cut onions can loose their soothing properties a few minutes after being cut.




Potatoes are not only delicious, they are also therapeutic and excellent for treating burns.

  1. Just peel off the skin of a raw potato, slice it and then apply directly to the affected burned area for rapid pain relief.

It is crucial to take note that this potato home remedy must never be used on burns where the skin has opened or on acid burns as the bacteria from the potato can cause an infection.




Whole milk makes a great compress for minor burns as its fat content is effective in soothing burns and promoting healing.

  1. Soak the burned section in milk for about fifteen minutes.

  2. Alternatively soak a cloth in milk and apply the cloth to the burned area.

  3. Rinse the milk off the skin and the cloth using cool water later as the milk will and can smell.

Soy sauce


Surprisingly soy sauce has been found to be very effective for household burns and are great in easing pain and keeping the skin from blistering.

  1. Just generously apply the soy sauce to the burned section and let it stay for about half an hour.



Toothpaste is available in every household and can be utilized immediately for any burn problems.  It can help in alleviating pain and keeping skin from blistering.

  1. Just squeeze out a generous amount of toothpaste and apply on the burn.  Leave the toothpaste on for at least one day.



Using diluted vinegar helps in relaxing skin tissue and providing pain relief.

  1. Dilute vinegar with cold water, soak a cloth in the diluted vinegar and then cover the affected burned section with the cloth.  When the pain returns, just change to another fresh vinegar soaked cloth.  Continue this treatment for as long as required.

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