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Although colds are very common and rarely lasts longer than 8-10 days, it is best to treat them to avoid risk of more serious complications like sinus or middle ear infections.  Symptoms are sneezing, scratchy throat, coughing, headaches, sometimes with some slight fever and of course the nasal drip.


The natural remedies listed below are effective in speeding up healing and alleviating the cold symptoms hence providing some comfortable relief during this period.



Garlic is a good natural cure for common cold as it contains antiseptic properties.  Combined garlic oil with onion juice into a cup of warm water then drink a few times a day.



Make ginger tea by cutting ginger into small pieces then boil it in a cup of water.  Strain the ginger tea out, add some sugar to sweeten it and then drink it hot.



Soften the lime by rolling it on a hard surface before juicing. Cut into half and use your hand to squeeze the juice into a glass of warm water.  Add 1 teaspoon of honey before drinking.  Lime juice is an ideal remedy for cold and dry cough.



Cut a slice of onion and then soak it in a cup of hot water for a few mins.  Slowly sip the onion liquid.  Onion compress is very effective in clearing stuffy nasal passages.  Place a slice of onion to your nose or just leave a few slices on the table next to your bed when you go to sleep.


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