Home Remedies for Colic

The gut spasms and discomfort of colic can quite often be due to tense or rushed feeding times. Minimize colic by ensuring both mother and baby are calm and relaxed during meal times.  Another possible cause is due to irritants such as wheat, cow's milk or hot spices.  So avoid these irritants by checking the baby's diet or a breast-feeding mother's diet and eliminating them from the diet.


Most of the time, the doctors may not be able to help in treatment of colic so your best solution is to fall back on natural healing home remedies as they are often quite effective for colic cases.




Aniseed is a general stimulant which helps in alleviating problems caused by intestinal gas, constipation or a swollen belly. It also has a soothing and analgesic effect.

  1. Prepare an aniseed infusion by using one teaspoon of seeds in 1 cup of boiling water.

Note:  Breast-feeding mothers should never use this home remedy.


Hot water bottle


Wrap a towel around a hot water bottle and place the baby in a position where his or her belly is on the hot water bottle while the head and feet are draping over the bottle.  The pressure and warmth of the hot water bottle appear to be very helpful.


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