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Having constipation is often a sign that you are not consuming the right diet.  The constipation problem can easily be eliminated by just simply eating the right foods and exercising regularly.  However there are times when you may need a little help before re-establishing regularity.


Of course, you can always fall back on commercial laxatives, to relieve constipation, which works by stimulating the colon.  However after continued use, the colon can become reliant on these artificial aids and becomes so lazy, it can stop working on its own hence causing a vicious cycle.  Natural healing home remedies offers equal effective relief with less potential risk.




Apples can keep many things away including constipation and are excellent sources of fibrous bulk.  They contain a few types of fiber including pectin and soluble fiber which helps in increasing the size of stools causing them to press on the colon wall.  This helps in triggering natural bowel contractions.

  1. Just simply eat an apple a day.

Olive oil


Olive oil is good for the heart as well as an excellent laxative.  It helps in relieving constipation by promoting contraction of the bowels.

  1. To achieve the laxative effect, drink 1 or 2 oz of olive oil daily



Psyllium is the main ingredient used in gummy commercial laxatives as the coating of the psyllium seeds is extremely rich in mucilage which is a fibrous material that can absorb an incredible amount of water.  This natural, high-fiber bulking agent has proven to be able to end the misery of constipation as not only does it help to enlarge and soften the stools and stimulate bowel contractions, it also helps in lubricating their passage.

  1. One teaspoon 3 times daily can help produce constipation relief. 

Taking psyllium seeds regularly can also help lower cholesterol and protect against diabetes.  However it is extremely important to drink lots of water when taking psyllium.


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