Preparation of a Herbal Infusion

A herbal infusion is one of the most common and simplest way to make herbal tea.  They are usually made with the more tender parts of the plants like the leaves, flowers, certain seeds and other non-woody parts of the herb.  Other parts like the bark, roots and rhizomes can be used if they are in powdered forms.  Nuts, hard seeds and buds can be used only after they have been crushed or grounded.


To make herbal infusions:-

  1. Warm up teapot with some boiling water

  2. Pour out the boiling water, then place the required amount of the herbs into the pot.  Generally 1 tablespoon of fresh herbs or 1 teaspoon of dried herbs is used.

  3. Pour the required amount of boiling water over it.  Generally about 1 cup of water is used.  Herbal infusions are never boiled in order not to destroy the delicate volatile essential oils.

  4. Cover the brew and remove from the heat.

  5. Let it steep for 5-15 minutes.  Generally infusions made from leaves or roots should be left to steep longer than those made from flowers.  If fresh plants are used, it tends to infuse much faster compared to dried plants.  Therefore if dried plants are used, let it steep for 1-2 more mins.

  6. After steeping the herbal tea for the appropriate amount of time, filter out the liquid

  7. Allow it to cool then only start drinking the tea.

Herbal Infusion guide

  1. It is best to prepare fresh infusions every day

  2. If you need to store the herbal infusion for some amount of time, while it is still hot, strain the liquid out.

  3. Pour it into an airtight glass container that can be hermetically sealed

  4. The bottles can also be sealed by using a cork with a small hole pierced in it.  Seal up the hole with hot wax once the cork is in place.

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