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Mouth ulcers are also known as canker sores or aphthous ulcers.  They are painful open sores or lesions inside the mouth.  Some of the causes includes thrush, a fungal disease contracted by children, trauma, stress or irritants such as acidic food. Teenagers are most commonly affected often due to stress, lack of sleep or poor diet.


Here are some natural home remedies for canker sores in the mouth:


Aloe Vera


Apply aloe vera gel directly onto the painful sores.  It will provide relief and speed up healing




Blackberry is effective in combating inflammations and speeding up healing of lesions.  Place 2 oz of blackberry leaves into 1 quart of water and boil for 10 mins.  Let it cool down and then drink 4 cups a day.  If needed, sweeten with some honey



Walnut contains antibiotic properties and therefore is useful for treating mouth ulcers.  Place 1/3 oz of walnut leaves in 1/2 quart of water and boil for about 20 mins.  Let it cool down and then use this t gargle 3 times a day


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