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Tendonitis is an inflammation of a tendon and can be become excruciatingly painful once these tendons are overused, injured or damaged.  A tendon is the tissue connecting muscles to bones and are located in our shoulder and rotator cuff attachment, elbows, wrists, biceps, legs, knees, ankle and Achilles tendon.  Tendonitis can develop in any of these locations.


Some simple ingredients at home can be effective cures for tendonitis:


Castor Oil


Castor oil is great at relieving inflammation, pain, warm feeling and discomforts of tendonitis.  It is also a good remedy for curing stiff joints, torn or tired ligaments, muscle cramps and arthritis.  Use castor oil to massage the injured area or use castor oil during cooking.




The anti-inflammatory properties of the fenugreek herb makes it another effective natural home remedy for tendonitis.  Mix milk with the grounded seeds of fenugreek to make a paste and then rub it onto the tendonitis area to provide relief to the inflammation and pain.


Fish Oil


Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, a natural anti-inflammatory that can help in easing pain caused by tendonitis.  Consume fish oil supplement daily or massage the affected area with fish oil.




Ginger is effective in helping to decrease pain, stiffness, tenderness, warm feeling and inflammation symptoms of tendonitis.  It helps in improving circulation of blood to the problematic area and stimulating healing.  Treatment is by drinking ginger tea, using ginger oil to massage the tendonitis area or using ginger in your daily cooking. 

Caution - Do not consider this treatment if you are suffering from gallbladder diseases.




Papaya contains an enzyme called bromelain which contains anti-inflammatory properties.  This helps to reduce bruising, swelling and pain as well as speeding up the healing of tendon and joint injuries.  Either consume the fresh papaya or take a slice of papaya to rub on the tendonitis area.



Similar to papaya, pineapple also  bromelain.  Just drink fresh pineapple juice or consume the fresh pineapple itself to treat your tendonitis.




Turmeric contains curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in helping to reduce swelling, decrease pain and tenderness associated with tendonitis.  Other medical benefits includes preventing arthritis and some bone related ailments.  Turmeric helps to increase the supply of blood to the affected area and to strengthen them.  Mix water with some turmeric and apply the turmeric paste to the tendonitis area for a while.  Also include turmeric in your meals.


Caution - Do not consume too much turmeric if your have problems of gallstones, ulcers, obstruction of bile ducts or during pregnancy as high amounts of curcumin can cause irritation to the intestine.s and stomach linings.


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