Juicing Recipes for Thrush

What is thrush?


Thrush arises due to a type of fungus known as Candida.  Candida albicans is a common yeast that usually lives quite harmlessly in all of us. Most of the time there will always be a minimal amount of Candida residing in your mouth and is often kept from becoming active by your immune system.  The opportunity for this fungus to start multiplying includes:

  • Weak immune system

  • Diabetes who usually suffers from high blood sugar levels and will have additional sugar in their saliva which becomes food for Candida.

  • HIV infection

  • AIDs

  • Consumption of steroid medications

  • Undergoing chemotherapy for cancer or consuming drugs that suppresses your immune system

  • Poor health

  • Too old or too young

  • Excessive or long-term consumption of antibiotics can end up killing off some healthy bacteria that helps in preventing the growth of Candida

  • Ill-fitting dentures

  • Stress

  • Over-usage of mouth wash

It is actually quite common for children to suffer from thrush and is usually not considered serious or abnormal unless the conditions lasted longer than 2 weeks.


For adults, thrush can be cured if it occurs in the mouth.  However complications may arise if your immune system is weaken especially after receiving chemotherapy or due to the HIV virus.  In this type of situation, Candida can potentially spread through your body and cause infection in your:

  • brain causing meningitis

  • esophagus resulting in esophagitis

  • eyes giving rise to endophthalmitis

  • heart causing endocarditis

  • joints resulting in arthritis

A simple way of preventing or controlling thrush is to eliminate any junk food, highly processed foods, fats and sugar to avoid encouraging the growth of yeast.  Choose the right food in your diet to starve the Candida fungus. Try to avoid pork as there are too many incidences of parasites.  Fish or any other types of meat should also be avoided as most of them contains antibiotics.  Beverages such as colas, coffee and some teas are discouraged too as they are rather acidic.  Drink lots of water to help in flushing out Candida's toxins from your body system. It is also crucial to avoid foods that are high in sugar content as sugar is the main source of food for Candida.


Vegetables highly recommended to be used in vegetable juicing recipes for thrush includes cucumber, lettuce, cucumber and tomato.


When juicing fruits, choose only fruits that are low in sugar content such as green apples, grapefruit, lime, lemon, berries, cranberry and avocado.  Plain unsweetened yogurt may not be strong enough to cure oral thrush especially for adults however it can help by providing sufficient good bacteria to aid in killing off the Candida virus and can act as a very good start for treatment of thrush.

Cranberry,  Apple and Yogurt Juicing Recipe

The ingredients in this juicing recipe all contain antibacterial properties and are especially effective for those taking antibiotics. This juicing recipe makes 200ml.

250 grams green apple
100 grams frozen cranberries
100 grams live natural yogurt
1 tablespoon honey

First start juicing the apple then whizz it together with the rest of the ingredients in a blender.  Pour out and serve in a glass with ice cubes.


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