Juicing Recipes for Gallstones

Apple Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar


Just simply drink 1 glass of pure apple juice with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.  The pain should go away within 15 mins.


Apple Juice, Epsom Salt and Olive Oil (Dr Lai Chiu Nan's, a taiwanese doctor, method of removing gallstones naturally)

My friend's husband tried this natural healing method and it actually works for him.

  1. Within the initial 5 days, consume a minimum of 4 glasses of apple juice daily. Or alternatively consume 4 or 5 apples, whatever appeals to you. Apple juice is able to make gallstones soft. Throughout the 5 days, consume food as normal.

  2. For the 6th day, eat no evening meal.

  3. By 6 pm, ingest one tsp of Epsom salt along with a cup of lukewarm drinking water.

  4. By 8 pm, replicate the similar. Epsom salt which will help to open up the gallbladder ducts.

  5. By10 pm, consume 1 / 2 glass olive oil (or sesame oil) along with 1 / 2 glass freshly squeezed lemon juice. Combine it well and ingest it. The olive oil lubricates the gallstones to help ease their passing.

  6. Very early subsequent morning, you can expect to encounter immediate looseness of the bowels and will eliminate your gallstones jointly along with your stools.

Apple Juice, Fresh squeezed Lemon and Dark Olive Oil

  1. On the first 2 days. drink only pure apple juice

  2. On the second night, drink 3 oz of fresh squeezed lemon and 3 oz of dark olive oil

  3. On the third day, the gallstones should be flush out

Black Radish Juice


Black Radish juice recipe can help to prevent inflammation and congestion of bile from the liver thus is an excellent treatment for gallstones.  Extract the juice out using a juice extractor.  First start drinking 3 oz of fresh black radish juice before breakfast. Throughout the day sip small amounts of juice.  Then slowly increase the amount gradually over a 3-weeks period to 12 oz.  After that, slowly decrease the amount back to 3 oz over the 2nd 3-weeks period.

Caution:  Those who has a fragile or irritated digestive system should not take this remedy


Lemon Juice, Olive Oil and Pineapple Juice

  1. On the first day from 12 noon, do not eat any food, may continue to drink only clear fluids

  2. From 7pm to 10pm, do not eat any food nor drink any fluids.  Begin by drinking 1/4 cup of olive oil first, then only followed by 1/4 cup of lemon juice.  Repeat this with an interval of 15-20 mins in between, until a total of 1 pint each of Olive Oil and lemon juice is consumed.  Between each dosage, lay on your right side to aid proper filtration.

  3. At 10pm , do not get up from bed.  Continue to lay down on your right side and sleep through the night

  4. On the second day in the afternoon, you should be moving your bowels and eliminating the gallstones with this remedy.

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