Juicing Recipes for Gout

Apple and Pear Juice


Both apples and pears contains properties of quercetins which are found in the skins of the fruits.  Quercetins are effective in reducing the production of uric acid.  Juice 2 apples and 1 pear without peeling of the skin.


Cherry Juice


Cherry juice is considered a new superfood as 1 small glass is equal to 5 portions of fruits and vegetables.  Consume cherries or cherry juice often.  You will need to remove the cherry pits before juicing to avoid damage to your domestic juicer.


Cucumber and Carrot Juice


Carrot contains beta carotene that helps in fight harmful free radicals in our body.  It also contains Vitamins C and B5.  Cucumber is also a good source of B5.  All these properties are great in fighting gout. 


Wash and peel 5 carrots and 1 cucumber if they are not organic.  Leave the skins on if they are organic.  Put them through a domestic juicer and drink the juice.


French Beans Juice


French beans or string beans has therapeutic properties and contains vitamin B6 which can help to dilute the uric acid crystals and allow them to be flush out through urination.  Extract 1/2 cup of juice from french beans and drink the juice 1-2 times daily for up to 1 month.


Lemon Juice


Lemon contains vitamin C which can help to dissolve the urate crystal deposits and is an effective natural remedy for gout. Take 1 lemon and cut it into half.  Squeeze the juice out from 1 half of the lemon into 1 glass of water.  Drink the lemon juice 3 times a day.


Oranges and Grapefruit Juice


Both oranges and grapefruit contains properties of vitamins C and B5 which are effective for gout treatment. Take 3 oranges and peel off the skin.  Juice the oranges together with 1 grapefruit.


Pineapple and Ginger Juice


Pineapples contains a vital enzyme called bromelain that is very effective in helping to speed up healings of wounds and bruises.  Bromelain is found in the stem and skin of the pineapple.  It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and therefore is very effective for treatment of gout. 


Use 1/2 of a pineapple with the skin on.  Make sure the skin is thoroughly cleaned using either a veggie brush or a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner.  Add 1/2 inch of fresh ginger. 


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